Warranty and service

  1. The warranty service conditions of the Private Company “Rost Electromontazh” are stated according to the Ukrainian consumers’ protection legislation and according to other normative documentations.
  2. Products of the Private Enterprise  Rost Elektromontazh  are manufactured only with the certified components.
  3. Manufacturer provides servicing of its products and is responsible for the warranty commitment during 12 months after the shipping date.
  4. The warranty does not cover the metal constructions because of the internal factors (corrosion).
  5. Manufacturer does not have any warranty commitments and does not provide free servicing of the product in case of:
    • Violation of operating rules or hardware installation covered by the service instruction.
    • If the product has traces of unqualified repair.
    • If the malfunction is caused by irresistible force, intentional or careless actions of the consumer of the third party.
  6. The manufacturer guaranties the switchboards’ compliance to state standard specifications.
  7. The recommended durability before the change is not less than 10 years with the possible replacement of individual components. The limit condition is considered a physical depreciation that makes reclamation work inexpedient.
  8. The enterprise guarantees failure-free work of its products from the shipping date in case of observance of transportation, preservation ant exploitation rules by the consumer.
  9. The manufacturer provides products’ warranty servicing on the next conditions:
    • The manufacturer promises to provide servicing during the warranty term in case of manufactory defect detecting.
    • The servicing is provided in case of product’s technical passport submission along with the passports of its parts (counter, current transformer etc.) that are exemplified by the manufacturer with the serial number of the product.
    • Completeness and configuration of the product are checked by the client at the time of the product acceptance in presence of Manufacturer’s personnel. Completeness and configuration reclamations are not taken after the accepting of the product by the client.
  10. The manufacturer keep the right to interrupt the warranty in cases of:
    • Setup and connecting of the switchboards by organizations that do not have licences allowing such works.
    • Repair of the equipment by the unqualified personnel (less than third group of allowance)
    • The change of the electrical circuitry of the equipment
    • Exploitation and regime rules’ violation that caused the loss of product’s operability.
    • Exterior defects that caused product’s operability.
  11. The deinstallation of the broken-down product’s parts by the consumer for the shipping for warranty servicing does not cause the termination of the warranty term by the manufacturer.
  12. The matter of argument connected with product’s nonoperability is solved by the independent experts. The expertise is compensated by the manufacturer – in case of warranty service need and by the client – in case of the warranty terms’ violation.