Control boards with breaker CSB

Control boards with breaker CSB

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By product: Control boards with breaker CSB

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By product: Control boards with breaker CSB


Control boards with breaker CSB series are designed for accepting and control of the electricity in the circuit with the voltage of 380 V three-phase current of 50 Hz frequency with the dead-grounded neutral. They also protect the out-coming lines form the short circuits.
There is a changeover switch for the supply form the independent sources in the lead-in part in the switchboards of CSB series. They are produced for one-side usage and designed for exploitation in the living apartments, municipal and civil buildings. They can be used in objects of the third category and for the second categories of energy saving.

The nominal working regime is long-lasting.

The device is shipped ready for exploitation (according to the base type) in the complete with the electricity counters with the manufacturer’s inspection.

The main technical characteristics of CSB

The name of the parameterThe magnitude
The nominal voltage, kV0.38;
Frequency, Hz50; 60;
Nominal current, A100; 250; 400
The type of the counter boardwith the breaker without distribution; with the switch without distribution; with the breaker and distribution; with the switch and distribution
The protective device type (direct voltage transducer)ППН-33; ППН-35; ППН-37;
Current transformers’ types20/5; 30/5; 50/5; 75/5; 100/5; 150/5; 200/5; 300/5; 400/5

The design

Lead-in distributors are produced in the add-on models. These switchboards have wireframe enclosure covered from the top and bottom with removable boards. The door is locked down. The complete equipment is installed into panel’s enclosure. The frame with the complete equipment is installed inside the enclosure. The door is compacted with the rubber cord in the switchboards that have IР54 protection level. There is a possibility of compactness of the upper and lower hatchers. The construction of the enclosure provides the lead-in and outlet of the supply and out-going lines either from the bottom or from the top in different combinations. The door is locked in. the breaker is installed for the safe installation and change of the counter, which release simultaneously lows down the voltage in all phases. The trial block of КИ is installed in the switchboard that provides shorting of the secondary circuits of the current transformers (ТА1...ТА3 series), it also provides shut down of the current circuits of the counter and voltage paths in every phases of the counter during their change and the switch-on of the sample counter without disconnection of the cables and wires. The construction of the КИ board provides the possibility of its sealing. According to client’s demand the excess-voltage suppressors of B class can be installed onto the lead-ins. The installation of the switchboards is universal and can be done with the fixing arm or with anchors fixed through the holes in the back wall (imperceptible).