Lead-in distributors LID76, LID78

Lead-in distributors LID76, LID78

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By product: Lead-in distributors LID76, LID78

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By product: Lead-in distributors LID76, LID78


Lead-in distributors LID76, LID78 series are designed for accepting, distribution and control of the electricity in the circuitries with the voltage of 380-220 V three-phase current of 50 Hz frequency with the dead-grounded neutral. They also protect the out-coming lines form the short circuits.
The devices are designed for electrical control unit buildings. They are produced for one-side usage and designed for exploitation in the living apartments, municipal and civil buildings.

The usage of the device in different places is also possible if they have similar energy saving scheme. The nominal working regime is long-lasting.

The main technical characteristics of LID-76, LID-78

The name of the parameterThe magnitude
The nominal voltage, kV0.38; 0.66
Frequency, Hz50; 60;
Nominal current, A250; 400
Out-going lines:
One-phase: op to 63 A;
Three-phase – up to 63 A;
up to 100A

The quantity of the counter lines
up to 63 А
up to 200А


The design

Lead-in distributors are produced in the floor-level models. These switchboards have wireframe enclosure covered from the top and from the sides with removable boards. The door is locked down. The complete equipment is installed into panel’s enclosure. There is a zero bus with clips for connection of the zero conductors of in-coming and out-going lines in the inferior part of the enclosure. The grounding of the enclosures is provided by the connection of the zero conductors of the supplying cables or wires to the zero bus (it is connected electrically with the enclosures of all panels). The lead-in of cables and wires is made from the bottom. The accounting equipment (counters and current transformers) are installed in the separate panel’s section. We can install either induction or electronic counters. The busses that supply automatic switchers are covered with the protective screens. The equipment for automatic and manual lights control is also in the separate section. The equipment installed in one panel but fed from different lead-ins is separated by barriers. Lead-in clips assume the connection of wires and cables with aluminum conductors with the cut up to 2х95 mm2 or 1x240 mm2 for each lead-in position. The device is completed with breaker of ПБ-2, ПБ-4 series; with current transformers of Т-0.66 series; automatic switchers of АЕ2056, ВА0436 series. We can provide the equipping with the automatic switchers of RI (PR) series to the dyne-batten and with the protective switch-off devices. According to client’s demand the excess-voltage suppressors of B class can be installed onto the lead-ins. We assume the change of the listed equipment without the worsening of product’s quality. There is a possibility or the installation on the socle. The device is shipped ready for exploitation (according to the base type) in the complete with the electricity counters and current transformers with the manufacturer’s inspection.