Exterior lighting control boards LCE

Exterior lighting control boards LCE

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By product: Exterior lighting control boards LCE

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By product: Exterior lighting control boards LCE


Exterior lighting control boards LCE are designed for the automatic local, manual or distant control (from the control station)of the lighting networks and the devices of the manufacture buildings, structures, territories of any objects with any light sources (electric incandescent lamps, DBC, luminescent lamps etc.) with the voltage of 380 V of the alternating current with 50 Hz frequency. These boards are also used for the control and distribution of the electricity, for protection of the lines from the short-cuts or overloads, , infrequent operate electric circuit switch-on and switch-off (not more than 6 times per hour).

Exterior lighting control boards are installed in the open air or inside the buildings with the one-side maintenance.

Nominal working regime is long lasting.

The main technical characteristics of LCE

The name of the parameterThe magnitude
The nominal voltage, kV0.38
Frequency, Hz50
Nominal current, A63; 100; 160; 250
The quantity of the out-going lines6; 9
Control regimeteleocell, control system “Cascade”. Timer (diurnal clock); astronomic clock, combined (clock+ photoswitch)

The design

  1. The switchboards can work in the next control regimes:
    1. Local (autonomous) automatic control (with timer, astronomic clock and form any other setting device).
    2. Cascade automatic control of the 220V voltage, 50 Hz, coming through special signal cord (telephone pair) from the previous cascade switchboard or from the control panel ТС-ТУ;
    3. Local control.
      The choice of the control regime is made with the help of the specific control devices.
  2. The separate control of the night lighting (three one phase lines) and additional evening lighting (three one lines in boards up to 1000 A and six – in the boards up to 250 A) are also provided.
  3. The design covers the switch-on of the inner illumination of the board with the filament lamp of 40-60 Vat and the feed from the 220 V socket.
  4. The control boards have next specifics:
    • The compact pressing of the door is reached with the pressing locks with the special keys and with the soft rubber filler.
    • The sintered polymer stain protects from the corrosion;
    • The removable deflector is installed on the top of the board to protect it from the rain.
  5. The heating elements of electric counters that can be switched-on manually with special switch are also provided.


  1. Current transformers for the specific switchboard are chosen from the row 20/5, 30/5, 50/5, 75/5, 100/5, 150/5, 200/5, 300/5, 400/5.
  2. The nominal current of the fusing elements of the protective device ППН-33 (direct-voltage transducer) are chosen from the next row:
    16А, 25А, 32А, 40А, 50А, 63А, 80А, 100А