Constitutive condensing utilities REC-0.4

Constitutive condensing utilities REC-0.4

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By product: Constitutive condensing utilities REC-0.4

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By product: Constitutive condensing utilities REC-0.4


Reactive energy compensations REC-0.4 work for the reactive power compensation of the permanent loads of the consumers in three phase circuits with the Voltage of 0.38 (0.4) kV with the frequency 50 and 60 Hz. Reactive energy compensations are connected directly to the reactive load.

They can be installed at industrial objects. Utilities have a long-lasting duty.

The main technical characteristics of REC-0.4

The name of the parameterThe magnitude
The nominal voltage, kV0.38
Frequency, Hz50
Utility’s power, KVA10 — 75
Maximal cut of the connecting cable3x16 — 3x70

The design

Reactive energy compensations are produced as add-on models. The enclosure protects the inner equipment form the external factors and made from steel sheets. Polymer cover provides long-lasting durability and high aesthetic level. The device can de produced with the IP54 level of protection according to the client’s demand. In these models the door is multiplexed with the rubber cord. The enclosure provides supplying cables’ inlet through the hatch underneath the device. The ventilation holes are made in the side walls. The door can be locked down. There is a protective grounding between the door, the enclosure and the frame. The device has a module construction. The main circuit switcher is installed on the door. The inlet device, condensate protective devices, nominal voltage condensates and discharge resistor are installed inside the enclosure. The device can be completed with 7 per cent filtering inductor.