Light switchboards LS

Light switchboards LS

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By product: Light switchboards LS

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By product: Light switchboards LS


Light switchboards LS are designed to receive and distribute electricity with the voltage of 380-220 V of the three-phase alternating current with 50 Hz frequency with the dead-grounded neutral. These boards are also used for protection of the one-phase out-going lines from the short-cuts or overloads, infrequent operate electric circuit switch-on and switch-off (not more than 6 times per hour).

Switchboards are installed in the industrial objects and in civil buildings.

They are installed onto the vertical surface. The nominal working regime is long-lasting.

The main technical characteristics of LS

The name of the parameterThe magnitude
The nominal voltage, kV0.38
Частота, Гц50
Frequency, Hz63; 100
The quantity of the outgoing automata6;12
Nominal current of automata breakers, A6; 10; 12; 16; 25; 32; 40; 50; 63

The design

The device consists of the non-wireframe enclosure with the door. The row of automatic switchers is installed into the enclosure. The out-going and lead-in supply lines can be delivered through the top and bottom panels. The protection of the lines is provided by the automatic switchers with the current of the breaker station 6; 10; 12; 16; 25; 32; 40; 50; 63А.