Reactive energy compensation REC-0.4

Reactive energy compensation REC-0.4

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By product: Reactive energy compensation REC-0.4

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By product: Reactive energy compensation REC-0.4


Reactive energy compensations REC-0.4 work as an automatic devices of the reactive power compensation (RECРМ) of the loads of the consumers in three phase circuits with the Voltage of 0.38 (0.4) kV with the frequency 50 and 60 Hz.

Reactive energy compensations REC-0.4 can be installed at industrial and civil buildings. They can work in the circuits with dead-grounded, isolated neutral or without it.

Reactive energy compensations have a long-lasting duty.

The main technical characteristics of REC-0.4

The name of the parameterThe magnitude
The nominal voltage, kV0.38
Frequency, Hz50
Utility’s power, KVA12.5 …… 1000
Utility’s power of min level, KVA2.5 ……… 40
The quantity of the regulation levels3 ……… 11
Maximal cut of the connecting cable3x16 ………3x150 or a bus

The design

Reactive energy compensations are produce as floor-level and add-on (up to 60 KVA) models. The enclosure protects the inner equipment form the external factors and is made from steel sheets. Polymer cover provides long-lasting durability and high aesthetic level. The device can de produced with the IP54 level of protection according to the client’s demand. In these models the door is multiplexed with the rubber cord. The enclosure provides supplying cables’ inlet through the hatch underneath the device. In the devices with the power more than 150 KVA the current can be input with the help of the busses through the side wall. The door can be locked down. Door latch provides three-tone dotted door lock down. There is a protective grounding between the door, the enclosure and the frame. The device has a module construction. The lead-in and distributive devices and condensation modules are placed on the frame. It provides the high possibility of the repair and low time for the restoration. There are signal lamps of the voltage availability, of the control and circuit breakdown, ammeter, reactive power regulator and the switcher of the main circuit (for the device up to 60 KVA) installed on the door. The operative inscriptions to the apparatus on the door wall (buttons, keys, signal lamps) are placed on the plates. The text is similar to the functions of the manual control devices.


Reactive energy compensations can help to decrease the cost of electricity and to increase the effectiveness of the currently used circuits. With the low power coefficient during the transferring the same active voltage the high current goes through the circuit, which causes great losses in the circuit and decreases the voltage in the input of the final consumer. The reactive power compensation in made in different ways:

  • Local compensation of the reactive power — the compensative uncontrolled condensate device is connected at the consumers’ place. As a rule, it is used to compensate such consumers as big compressors, ventilators and pumps; it also helps to compensate inductive power transformers.
  • Group compensation of the reactive power — as a rule the device with the automatic regulation is used for several consumers simultaneously
  • General compensation of the reactive power — the regulator of the reactive power is installed directly near the distribution switchboard. This device should have all protection types (including the protection of the high harmonic) along with the high accuracy and regulation velocity.